Ottawa Futsal Club

OCFL-OFC History

Founding Members
Chair:           Karl Gray
Director:      Ross Cameron
Statistician: Austin Carnaffan
Treasurer:   Mick Fitzgerald
Registrar:    Bob Rathwell
Director:      Walter Behrens
Director:      Tat Lam
Director:      Lawrence de Paulsen

The Ottawa Carleton Futsal league is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and enjoyment of Soccer in the National Capital Region. Since its beginnings in 1990 the league has grown to 2000 players, coaches, and managers making it the largest Futsal organization in the region bringing together hundreds ofplayers who love the wonderful game.

Playing Futsal provides the players, specially the youth, with many benefits, including an opportunity to improve playing skills for the summer soccer season, to develop a greater sense of team spirit and play, to appreciate the joy of the sport, and to develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

The League is managed by a volunteer board, whose mandate is to promote and develop the game within its jurisdiction, and assures fairness, accountability and efficiency to its membership.

Our Referees are trained, assessed and certified by (OSA) Ontario Soccer association and by (OCFL) Ottawa Carleton Futsal league.

All Futsal Referees must be F4. OCFL maintains a policy of zero tolerance of discrimination, harassment and violence in any and all forms in the conduct of its operations. We are also guided by the rules and regulations of the OSA, FIFA, CSA, and EODSA.

Since its Beginning in 1990

Founded in 1990 as the South Nepean Indoor Soccer League the Ottawa Carleton Futsal League is the longest continuously operating Indoor Soccer league in the Ottawa area.

From it’s beginning with 8 teams by registering individuals and making up teams by a draft system we quickly double our membership for the 1993/1994 season. To date we boast Men’s, COED, Women’s and Youth Divisions, coaches, managers, and league management board with over 2000 members in 2008-2009 Futsal season.

As of today we have added a developmental division for four (4) and five (5) year olds in the East and West of the Ottawa region. In the 2006/07 season the League expanded to the East end of Ottawa registering Men, women and youth players making up a Coed, Youth and Women divisions of over 150 participants, this is a tremendous start as we look forward to see the East grows.

Throughout its history the league has operated in high school and elementary school gymnasiums located in the west end of Ottawa in the area formerly known as Nepean. Originally this was because there was no alternative and thereafter. Because Futsal, its chosen form of Indoor Soccer, was designed to be played in this type of facility.

Unlike other early types of Indoor Soccer the South Nepean Indoor Soccer League did not play ‘off-the-wall’ soccer but used the sidelines of the basketball court as ‘out of bounds’ markers.

Our League predates the time when the governing body of soccer in Ontario, the Ontario Soccer Association, began to take a serious look at the potential for the development of the indoor game in the province.

At that time the South Nepean Indoor Soccer League formed an alliance with a group centered in St Thomas. In southern Ontario that played the game of Futsal and thus became known as the Ottawa Carleton Futsal League.

Unfortunately the alliance fell apart when the St Thomas organization agreed to disagree with the OSA while the Ottawa Carleton League, through its membership in the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association, continued to be affiliated to the OSA in spite of the fact that the OSA did not recognize Futsal as a game separate from other forms of Indoor Soccer. Players and teams were expected to register with the OSA in the same manner as those playing other types of the Indoor game.

As a result of problems confronted by the OCFL with the registration process the League succeeded in having the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association petition the OSA through the RFD (Request for Decision) process to change the existing registration process to recognize Futsal as a separate form of Indoor Soccer for registration purposes.

Futsal is a 5-aside sport whereas other forms of the indoor game are perceived as requiring seven players to play a game. Formerly the fact that Futsal requires only 5 players to play a game was not considered when team registration rules were enforced and Futsal teams were required to present seven player cards for validation before the team’s documents could be processed. As of acceptance of the relevant RFD Futsal teams had only to present five (5) cards for validation.

The above change in the registration process came into effect for the 2005/06 indoor seasons.

At the same time a more significant event occurred when The Canadian Soccer Association, at the urging of FIFA decided to make FUTSAL the official Indoor game of Soccer within Canada and the Ontario Soccer Association was required to conform.

The recognition of FUTSAL as the ‘official’ indoor game forced both the Canadian Soccer Association and the Ontario Soccer Association to make changes in the structure of provincial and national championships. In past years the Ontario Soccer Association had operated an Indoor Cup for teams playing what was known as indoor soccer under published rules governing that competition. There was, in fact, no recognized no set of Rules governing the various types of indoors game being played largely because there was no standard facility being used.

For the past 10 yrs Futsal has seen a tremendous growth in membership.

Some Stats for the past 10 years

Year Adult Teams Youth Teams Total # of Registered Players
1999-2000 49 44 1116
2000-2001 53 30 996
2001-2002 52 35 1044
2002-2003 58 36 1128
2003-2004 60 48 1296
2004-2005 58 60 1416
2005-2006  54 60 1368
2006-2007 66 64 1521
2007-2008 102 73 1721
2008-2009 85 94 1950

OCFL Scholarship Program

Approximately 8 years ago the OCFL initiated a school scholarship program whereby the OCFL provides scholarship funds to 10 different schools in the four School different boards in the Ottawa Region, the Public, Catholic English, French Catholic, and French public.

The above named boards have been recipients of Futsal scholarships over the 8 previous years. The scholarships are awarded to deserving graduating students who play soccer and who best demonstrate a combination of academic excellence and a significant contribution to the school’s soccer program. A Committee of chooses these individuals the Coaches of the two senior soccer teams (Boys & Girls) and the School Principal. Since the beginning approximately $80,000.00 have been awarded.

2009-2010 the OCFL is entering it’s 20th season. We are planning to host the 2009-2010 OSA Futsal cup in U14-U18 boys and girls, Men and Women divisions at Carleton University February 13-14 2010.

We are very proud of our accomplishments over the past 20 years, such as the leaders in promoting Futsal through the OSA, which as forced the OSA to form a Futsal committee to organize, to make Futsal an equal completion to other sanction indoor game. The committee is planning certification courses for Coaches and Referees in the future.

Ontario Soccer Association Ran the First-Ever Ontario Futsal Cup

WATERLOO, February 27, 2006 — The Ontario Soccer Association ran the first-ever Ontario Futsal Cup. Futsal has become an increasingly popular sport both around the world and across the province of Ontario. FIFA has named Futsal as the official indoors soccer game. Futsal leagues have slowly begun to develop in the Greater Toronto, Ottawa and Western Ontario Regions.

The 2006 Futsal Cup has attracted the best teams from across the province and determine a Provincial Champion. The Competition ran in the Under 13 age division for both boys and girls, with the intention to add new divisions in future years. This elite competition also will be used as a qualification tournament for National Futsal Championships in future years.

The Canadian Soccer Association has hosted a National Futsal Championships in 2007 for the Under 14 age division. The Russell Raiders U14 Girls from our league represented Ontario. The OSA welcomes the opportunity to add the Ontario Futsal Cup to its panoply of high-profile events,” says Executive Director, Guy Bradbury. “It is fully consistent with the OSA’s new ‘Play Soccer’ initiative which aims to encourage participation and to facilitate soccer excellence at all levels in Ontario and Canada.” As with the Ontario Cup and the Ontario Indoor Cup competitions, Ontario Futsal Cup participants can expect the same high standard and quality of service in promoting, coordinating, officiating and hosting the event.

“Eastern Ontario will have strong representation each year competition with teams coming from Ottawa, because of our strong-based league.”“Says the OCFL Chair Paulo Bellem.” Ontario Futsal Cup is being held each year with the opportunity to expand to new age divisions in future years.

OCFL Vision & Future

The OCFL continues to expand in Ottawa, as other indoor sports and Futsal are expericing unprecedented growth throughout the area. A facility such as we describe in the following below would aid that growth, and enable more people in Ottawa to participate in other physical activities. It appears likely that the OCFL, and the community as a whole would benefit from having a facility such as we envision.

Futsal Floor Plan

Ideally wood floors would be best but the more durable Tile/Rubberized floors are best for this usage.


  • Futsal (4 courts + 1- International)
  • Basketball (4 courts)
  • Volleyball (6 courts/4 courts)
  • Badminton (24 courts)
  • Floor hockey (4 courts)
  • Wheel Chair Basketball (4 courts)
  • Conferences (Board rooms)
  • Senior Walks (exercise programs)
  • Day care (before and after school)
  • Lawn bowling


  • Recreation Area – ~160’ X 209’(33440 sq/ft) (not including storage, bathrooms and offices)
  • Divided into 4 sections of (80’ X 104.5’)
  • Futsal/Hockey(92’X70’)
  • Basketball/Hockey (92’/84’ X 50’)
  • Volleyball (59’X29’6”)
  • Badminton (44’X20’)

Paulo Bellem (Chair)

Karl Gray (G.M. / Past Chair)