The annual scholarship program, started in 2000, the bursary is in the memory of Austin Carnaffan and his contributions to the futsal organization. Two scholarships are awarded annually to selected Ottawa schools to students entering college or university in the fall.

Unfortunately due to smaller than usual registration numbers, OFC has temporarily cancelled the sponsorship awards.

Selection Procedure

  1. The selection should be made by a Committee of at least two school officials, including the Coach of the senior soccer team, if available.
  2. Under no circumstances should any input be received from any OFC official.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. Scholarship recipients must be planning to attend a post secondary institution (college or university) in the Fall.
  2. Scholarship recipients must have played on the school’s senior soccer team during their senior soccer school year.
  3. Scholarship recipients must be willing to provide the school with a short biographical note and a recent picture, and consent that they be made public.

Rated Requirements

The OFC recommends that the final selection be made using a scoring system based on the following criteria:

  1. 50% of the marks based on the contribution the candidate made to the school’s senior soccer team;
  2. 25% of the marks based on the candidate’s overall academic excellence; and
  3. 25% of the marks based on a contribution the candidate made to some other social program in the school.


  1. Once the recipients are selected, the school should provide the winning students’ names to the OFC Scholarship Director as soon as possible.
  2. The school must then provide the OFC Scholarship Director with a short biographical note for the students, including some information concerning their soccer career and their educational plans, and a suitable picture, preferably by e-mail. No award will be made until this information is provided.


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    • Michael McAuley: Mother Theresa High School-played soccer for 11 yrs will attend Carleton U in Engineering
    • Tara Currie: Mother Theresa High School-played soccer for 12 yrs will attend Carleton U Crimilogy
    • Elissa Molino: John McCrae High School-played soccer for 14 yrs will attend Ottawa U Mass Communication
  • 2000
    • James McGuey: Mother Theresa High School
    • Ashley Coburn – Lang: John McCrae High School